2019 Wales

During 2019, BOTAWA was awarded a Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning grant from the British Council. The work undertaken by all participating schools for Project 1 is as follows -Teachers will present on UNICEF SDG in their schools and clusters.Primary Students will identify “Needs and Wants” using UNICEF Rights Respecting schools resources.  Secondary students will extend this by using the UNICEF Seen and HEARDStudents will carry out an assessment in their school to any identify areas of concern highlighted by the “Needs and Wants” exercise.


Teachers and students will prepare digital presentations on their findings for exchange between clusters and countries.


Outcomes and Impact
All students aware of SDGs and differences between needs and wants. Students will identify any areas of concern in their own school where their rights are not currently met or they or particular groups of students face challenges. e.g. those with disabilities, bullying, those living in poverty or with air pollution.Discussion of need will move beyond beyond physical goods, food and waterSchools will embrace the vision that being rights respecting and working to uphold their own and other’s rights is an empowering and positive experience for all involved. Links to Global Learning
Raise awareness/empathy for different challenges schools in different circumstances may face.Will challenge global stereotypes aboutWales=wealth=all children’s rights are guaranteedTanzania=poverty= basic rights denied


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