2018 Tanzania

In May 2018  Headteachers and teachers from Trelales and Heronsbridge school visited schools in Moshi Tanzania.

The visit began with a British Council Conference on Core Skills. School Leaders and teachers took part in workshops discussing how changes in teaching styles, encouraging development of Core Skills, could be introduced and developed in their schools.

School Leaders and teachers discussed the practicalities and challenges of introducing Core Skills in our schools including access to training and it’s dissemination in schools as well as how to monitor and evaluate delivery and impact.

One strategy identified is to display information for staff and pupils, documenting the journey towards embedding the skills into the curriculum and celebrating the achievements of staff and pupils on this journey. Joseph and Henry at Mandaka school are leading the way for Botawa by refurbishing classrooms to provide a more welcoming, creative environment through displays and notice boards.

Heronsbridge teachers Sarah and Teri, working on Botawa displays.

Partnership visit projects

The pupil project focus for Trelales and Mandaka this year is Recycling, the project for Heronsbridge and J K Nyerere is Inclusion.

Anthony and Diane from Trelales school discuss their Recycling project with Joseph and Cuthbert at Mandaka school.

Teachers shared resources which can be used to motivate and include students such as Multilink cubes and Easiscope digital microscopes.

The Headteacher of Heronsbridge Jeremy Evans receives a welcome speech from J K Nyerere school pupils.

The Headteacher of Trelales school Anthony Morrisson is introduced to the students at Muungano school by the Headteacher Joyce Lukanguji.

Kath Walters of Heronsbridge School with Muungano students.

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