2014 Tanzania and Wales

Two successful exchange visits were held this year in Moshi and Bridgend.

This year we introduced a project “Green Schools and water”, building upon previous work to improve environment and schools grounds.

The aims were to -Report upon sourcing and use of water in schools. Link to Geog topics on climate patterns and Climate change. Challenge each school to improve conservation and sustainable use of water. Teachers to encourage liaison with local communities to look at local and historical demand and use of water and how that has changed in terms of population, industry, climate.

These exchanges built upon skills and knowledge of teachers in specialist curriculum areas and developing areas such as use of IT for communication, e safety information and protocols for schools to keep pupils safe in a digital age. They also give opportunities for continuing professional development of teachers in subject areas and in the support of the ESDGC curriculum. Teachers are also learning new skills in terms of collaborative learning, contributing to and abiding by group decisions. Professionally and personally teachers are asking challenging questions of themselves, each other and the systems and cultures they are working in.

Teachers encourage pupils to ask thoughtful questions about difficult and complex issues. Teachers foster a sense of interdependence and desire to make a difference in their pupils with regard to sustainable living. Teachers and pupils enjoy and are motivated by improving IT skills in preparation of project work. Teachers  share scenarios and information about their schools which are rooted in a context that teachers and pupils can relate to. By sharing the real life challenges faced in each country whether that be flooding or drought, pupils become more engaged with difficult and complex issues and are motivated to research and ask challenging questions. All the teachers who have participated in previous exchange visits have valued the opportunity. Individual teachers often refer to an exchange having been a life changing experience and it appears that these teachers often become more confident and aspirational for themselves, their colleagues and students. They become more creative and critical in their thinking and are proactive in raising educational standards in general and the ESDGC agenda/curriculum.

Welsh visitors at J K Nyerere

J K Nyerere

Kilimanjaro from Mandaka school

Song of Kilimanjaro


Science lesson at Muungano school.

Kinukamori waterfall

Marangu waterfalls

Marangu gate

Werueru river -


Clothing market

Art gallery


Keeping goats at home

Coffee beans at Moshi

Hostellers at Muungano

Before her retirement, Pancracia Mtawali Headteacher of J K Nyerere School  established good links with ACTT computing  www.actt.co.tz  through whom she was  able to source funding for a suite of computers at the school. Following our exchange visits the partnership was able to raise sufficient funds for a suite to be installed at Muungano secondary school by the end of the year. Although there is still no internet access at the school, students are able to access teaching materials and resources and work towards our partnership projects and goals. ACTT is having a significant impact upon schools and technology in Tanzania. We hope that Mandaka school will eventually also be able to access these projects.

Wales September 2014

BOTAWA teachers attended the launch of the Global Learning Wales Project which aims to raise awareness and standards in education for Global Citizenship in Welsh Schools.

Global Learning workshop

GLP workshop

Learning Chinese calligraphy at the Global Learning event.

Bryntirion Secondary school "open evening" for parents and students

English resources and students "Botawa"work displayed at Bryntirion

Boat trip

Preparing for a Sea Safari boat trip!

A Safari adventure for the Botawa team!

Porthcawl beach

The warriors prepare to sing to their women at a braai/BBQ

The women judge the strongest warriors!

Congratulations to the first Welsh/Tanzanian warrior!


A traditional Welsh afternoon tea.

The cliffs above Ogmore beach.

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