2012 Tanzania

Six teachers and three students from schools in Wales visited Tanzania through the British Council Connecting classrooms project. They were joined by four teachers from Botswana, funded by the Waterloo Foundation.

Once again the Tanzanian schools hosted the visitors with traditional food and culture. Visits to the  three Tanzanian  schools included time spent observing classroom lessons and time spent at the Waterloo garden projects. All schools reported improved attendance levels and examination performance since the garden projects began. Mandaka primary reported a rise from 38% to 90% in the pass rate to secondary education.

Teachers discussed the ways in which they are including and developing community links through the partnership activities.


Developing ICT skills and resources.


Teachers from Mochudi Botswana

Teachers from Mochudi Botswana



Teachers and students from Bryntirion School Wales.


A welcome speech at Mandaka


Celebrating with a dance.

Sarah Morgan joins in with a maths lesson at Mandaka

Mandaka school

New school kitchen at Mandaka


Teachers at Mandaka school

J K Nyerere students at their Waterloo Horticulture project.


The waterloo garden at Muungano


Reginald Swai of Muungano at the Waterloo garden.

Sharing ideas at Muungano school.


Football game at Muungano


The local community at Muungano hosts the visitors.


Lunch with Muungano villagers

Botawa teachers


Visitors at the waterfall.


Visitors at the waterfall.

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