2017 Tanzania

Moshi schools hosted 5 Welsh teachers from Bryntirion and Heronsbridge schools recently on a British Council “Core skills” project. Our focus was to develop “Critical thinking and Digital literacy” in our students through collaborative work on projects of Responsible Consumption and Zero waste. Teachers in both countries attended Core skills training delivered by the British Council prior to the visit. During the visit ┬ácollaborative projects were discussed and over the next year project work and resources will be exchanged via Whatsapp groups and email.

New Headteachers have recently been appointed at Mandaka primary, J K Nyerere primary and Muungano Secondary school, so this was an ideal opportunity to evaluate and confirm the principles of our partnership, which is to provide a forum for teacher professional development of curriculum pedagogy and also to foster a deeper understanding in teachers and students of the concept of Global citizenship, embodied in our motto – “Through each other’s eyes”

Uk teachers taught alongside Tanzanian colleagues, sharing knowledge, techniques and evaluations.

J K Nyerere Primary

J K Nyerere

J K Nyerere

J K Nyerere

Erald Moshi teaching Chemistry at Muungano

Muungano Secondary school - Chemistry

A Geography lesson at Muungano

The visitors were also able to spend time visiting the ongoing BOTAWA projects which have been established over the years.

Learning how to harvest cassava at the Waterloo Foundation garden at J K Nyerere

Cassava at J K Nyerere

Planting Chinese greens at the Waterloo Foundation garden at Muungano Secondary school

Checking watermelons at Muungano Secondary school.

A presentation on natural composting at Muungano.

A presentation on natural composting at Muungano School.

Muungano school has 255 girls resident during term time. Recent developments have seen the dormitory destroyed in the fire of 2015 rebuilt along with a new third dormitory. There have been great improvements in the security and standards of building for sanitation. However scarcity of water continues to impact heavily on the school population in many ways bringing challenges of sanitation, personal cleanliness, cooking and washing of utensils, loss of vegetable crops etc. Non attendance at classes due to diarrhoea, urinary tract infections and difficulties with menstruation are impacting negatively on pupils education.

New improved facilities at Muungano hostel - sinks are in place but there is still no reliable water source. Hostellers are still having to fetch water in buckets from a river nearby.


Original facilities at Muungano, still in use.

Muungano hostellers with personal gifts donated by the staff and pupils of Heronsbridge and Bryntirion schools.

Co-ordinators met again with the group Femme International to review support of feminine hygiene workshops and reusable menstrual resources. Femme will liaise with Muungano to try to address the challenges of menstrual hygiene in a situation where access to water is so unreliable.

Joyce Lukanguji Headteacher of Muungano school.

We are grateful to have been supported this year by Neath Port Talbot Youth Services. They have provided copies of their Teaching guide for Sex and Relationships to all our schools. ┬áThis aspect of education is critical for all our students and we look forward to sharing experiences of it’s delivery before long. They also provided Maths equipment and many other resources which were presented to schools.

Maths Equipment at Muungano.

Perhaps surprisingly, the donation of NPT sunglasses managed to bring teachers and students together in an unexpected and fun way – much appreciated!!

Teachers from Muungano!

Teachers from JK Nyerere and Wales!!

Student at Muungano!

Donations of sports kit were made by Penybont Football Club

Staff at Mandaka Primary receive sports equipment

Muungano students prepare for the Staff vs Students

Muungano staff prepare for Staff vs Students match.

The issue of e-safety and cyberbullying has become a major issue in schools in Wales. There is no doubt that with increased access to cyber technology such as mobile phones, that this will become increasingly important in Tanzania and Botswana. During the visit, teachers worked together, looking at e-safety protocols and evaluating resources. Bryntirion presented a projector to Muungano which will, we hope, allow teachers to deliver important messages to staff and students on e-safety.


A successful meeting to decide the way forward for our partnership.










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