2011 Tanzania

Teachers meet in Moshi for a full week of visits and activities.

A British Council funded teacher exchange took place in June 2011 when 6 teachers from Wales visited their Tanzanian partners in Moshi Kilimamjaro Tanzania.

Teachers at J K Nyerere school.


Welsh teachers at J K Nyerere with Deputy Lucy Mkleo

The new Waterloo garden, with BOTAWA growing well!

Students at J K Nyerere

Mandaka students welcome their visitorsDancing at Mandaka.


The new Waterloo garden at Mandaka


Erald Moshy of Muungano school at the new Waterloo garden.

Irrigating the Waterloo garden.

A trip to Kinukamori waterfall with it's statue of a Chagga woman.

Marangu gate - start of the Kilimanjaro hike.

A bit scary!

African wildlife close up at Tarangire Park!

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