2008 Botswana

Our first attempt to use SKYPE between Botswana and Wales. 


Teachers from the 3 countries working together




Students from Isaang school perform traditional dancing.

Teachers and friends at Gabarone airport at the end of a wonderful week.



Pupils at Isaang


Linchwe School

Agriculture lesson Linchwe school


Chickens kept for eggs - Linchwe


Students in VI classes Linchwe


Headteacher of Linchwe Nnana Seitshiro


Students present to the classIsaang Primary school

Jonathon from Maes yr Haul and Felix from Muungano


Linchwe students give a presentation on Botswana culture.

students at Kgafela in traditional dress.


Mary Kwayu from J K Nyerere school


Teachers enjoy a safari trip!


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